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COC Training
  • V-Trust developed an Audit Training program with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is becoming more important to companies across the globe. This program provides a systematic approach to helping the factory set up a Social Compliance system according to the retailer’s specific requirements.
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CSR Training
  • V-Trust has set up specific Audit Training courses that help train your factory in the standards and regulations for ETI, SA8000, EICC, WRAP, BSCI or other international standards. We have qualified audit trainers with years of experience in the implementation and training of a wide variety of important social standards.
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Why Audit Training is important:
Disney, Wal-Mart, Target, 3M, Nike, Adidas and many other major companies require that your factories pass an SA8000 audit before they can start working with them. If your factory does not pass you could be facing loss of business, fines or high cost from finding a new factory that can comply.
Why V-Trust is your answer:
We at V-Trust have created detailed Audit Training courses to suit your specific compliance needs. V-Trust will give your factory all of the information and onsite guidance necessary to pass these important audits while greatly improving their entire system.
What Is Your Goal:
It is every supplier’s desire for their factories to pass important audits, but many are not concerned with the methods used to pass. We want to bring you a long term solution that will improve your brand’s image. Before we begin the training process it is helpful for us, and for yourself to understand your goals for the audit training.