COC Training Overview

V-Trust developed an Audit Training program with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is becoming more important to companies across the globe. This program provides a systematic approach to helping the factory set up a Social Compliance system according to the retailer’s specific requirements.

Advantages or Audit Training:

Help your supplier pass an important retailer audit saving you the time and money of looking for a new supplier.

Avoid irreparable damage to your business’ reputation caused by working with non-socially compliant factories in China.

Meet the requirements of your clients and raise their opinion of your company and your desire to improve factory standards.

Communicate more clearly with the factory and help them understand the importance of operating under a socially responsible system.

Improve the quality or your goods by organizing the factory and their procedures.

Help the supplier understand any specific requirements that the major brand name company may have, while meeting all basic standards
     and requirements.

Many factories have been taught how to “skirt” the system or find “loop holes”. Though on paper they look ok and compliant, when you go to the factory and find what they are actually doing it is totally different. They often do this by having two sets of books. Our goal is to train the factory how to carry out acceptable working and social practices daily.

Through hard work, professional training, good communication and healthy cooperation V-Trust has had great success with implementing these training courses.