Mattel’s Global Manufacturing Principles

Mattel's Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) apply to all parties that manufacture, assemble, license or distribute any product or package bearing any of the Mattel logos.

GMP provides guidance and minimum standards for all manufacturing plants, assembly operations and distribution centers that manufacture or distribute Mattel products. GMP requires safe and fair treatment of employees and that facilities protect the environment while respecting the cultural, ethnic and philosophical differences of the countries where Mattel operates. GMP also requires internal and periodic independent monitoring of our performance and our partners performance to the standards.

Mattel is committed to executing GMP in all areas of its business and will only engage business partners who share our commitment to GMP. Mattel expects all its business partners to adhere to GMP, and will assist them in meeting GMP requirements. However, Mattel is prepared to end partnerships with those who do not comply.

Mattel and its partners will operate their facilities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Mattel has defined the following overarching principles to which all facilities and partners are required to comply. These principles are dynamic and evolving to continually improve our efforts to ensure on-going protection of employees and the environment. In addition, Mattel has developed a comprehensive and detailed set of underlying procedures and standards that enable us to apply and administer our GMP in the countries where we operate. The procedures and standards are updated and refined on an ongoing basis.

1. Management Systems

Facilities must have systems in place to address labor, social and environmental, health and safety issues.

2. Wages and Working Hours

a. Employees must be paid for all hours worked. Wages for regular and overtime work must be compensated at the legally mandated rates.

b. Wages must be paid in legal tender and at least monthly.

c. Working hours must be in compliance with country and Mattel requirements.

d. Regular and overtime working hours must be documented, verifiable and accurately reflect all hours worked by employees.

e. Overtime work must be voluntary.

f. Employees must be provided with rest days in compliance with country and Mattel Requirements.

g. Payroll deductions must comply with applicable country and Mattel requirements.

3. Age Requirements

All employees must meet the minimum age for employment as specified by country and Mattel requirements.

4. Forced Labor

a. Employees must be employed of their own free will.

b. Forced or prison labor must not be used to manufacture, assemble or distribute any Mattel products.

5. Discrimination

The facility must have policies on hiring, promotion, employee rights and disciplinary practices that address discrimination.

6. Freedom of Expression and Association

a. Each employee must have the right to associate, or not to associate, with any legally sanctioned organization.

b. Management must create formal channels to encourage communications among all levels of management and employees on issues that impact their working and living conditions.

7. Living Conditions

a. Dormitories must be separated from production and warehouse buildings.

b. Dormitories and canteens must be safe, sanitary and meet the basic need of employees.

8. Workplace Safety

a. The facility must have programs in place to address health and safety issues that exist in the workplace.

9. Health

a. First aid and medical treatment must be available to all employees.

b. Monitoring programs must be in place to ensure employees are not exposed to harmful conditions (e.g., chemical exposures, noise exposures, excessive temperature).

10. Emergency Planning

a. The facility must have programs and systems in place for dealing with emergencies such as fires, spills and natural disasters.

b. Emergency exit doors must be kept unlocked at all times when the building is occupied. Emergency exits must be clearly marked and free of obstructions.

11. Environmental Protection

Facilities must have environmental programs in place to minimize their impact on the environment.