1. Legal Requirements:
Nordstrom expects all of its partners to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the United States and those of the respective country of manufacture or exportation. All products must be accurately labeled and clearly identified as to their country of origin.

2. Forced Labor:
Nordstrom will not conduct business with any factory that uses involuntary labor of any kind; including prison labor, indentured labor, or forced labor. If the factory recruits workers, the factory will pay the agency recruitment commissions and will not require any worker to reimburse fees or remain in employment of any period of time against his or her will.

3. Child Labor:
Manufacturers will not employ anyone under the age of 15, and younger than the age for completing compulsory education in the country of manufacturer or under the minimum ages established by law, if higher than the age of 15. Furthermore, manufacturers of any kind will not expose anyone under the age of 18 to situations in or outside of the workplace that are hazardous, unsafe, or unhealthy.

4. Harassment and Abuse:
Nordstrom expects our partners to treat every employee with respect and dignity. No employee will be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. Manufacturers will not use monetary fines as a disciplinary practice. Furthermore, workers must be able to voice their concerns to Nordstrom or Nordstrom appointed staff without fear of retaliation by factory management.

5. Non-discrimination:
Nordstrom firmly believes people are entitled to equal opportunity in employment. Although the company recognizes cultural differences exist, Nordstrom will not pursue business relationships with partners who discriminate in employment including hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination, or retirement on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, marital or maternity status, work or personal affiliations, political opinion or social or ethnic origin.

6. Wages and Benefits:
Factories shall set wages and overtime and the legally mandated benefits and allowances in compliance with all applicable laws. Workers shall be paid at least the minimum legal wage or a wage that meets local industry standards, whichever is greater.

7. Health and Safety:
Nordstrom seeks business partners who provide written documentation standards for safe and healthy work environments for their workers, including adequate facilities and protections from exposure to hazardous conditions or materials. These provisions must include safe and healthy conditions for dormitories and residential facilities, and they must comply with local health and safety laws and standards.

8. Hours of Work/Overtime:
While permitting flexibility in scheduling, we will identify local legal limits on work hours and seek business partners who do not exceed them except for appropriately compensated overtime. While we favor partners who utilize less than 60 hours a week, we will not use contractors who, on a regular basis require in excess of 48 hours per week and 12 hours overtime per week, or according to local law, whichever is lower. Employees should be allowed one day off in seven.

US Customs:
Manufacturers will comply with applicable US Customs importing laws and, in particular, will establish and maintain programs and documentation to support country of origin production verification, to avoid illegal transshipping.

1. Environment:
Partners must demonstrate a regard for the environment, as well as compliance with local environmental laws. Further, Nordstrom actively seeks partners who demonstrate a commitment to progressive environmental practices and to preserving the earth's resources.

2. Documentation and Inspection:
Nordstrom intends to monitor compliance with our Partnership Guidelines and to undertake on-site inspections of partners' facilities. Manufacturers will maintain on file all documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance and will authorize Nordstrom and its designated agents (including third parties) to engage in announced and unannounced monitoring activities to ensure compliance, including confidential employee interviews. Nordstrom will review and may terminate its relationships with any partner found to be in violation of the Partnership Guidelines.

3. Freedom of Association:
Manufacturers will respect workers rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

4. Subcontracting:
Manufacturers will not utilize subcontractors for the production of Nordstrom products or components without written approval and authorization from Nordstrom, and only after the subcontractor has agreed to comply with the Partnership Guidelines.