SHC Vendor Standard

SHC is committed to doing business with vendors who conduct business ethically and legally. SHC vendors are expected to sign SHC's Vendor Business Practice Statement. SHC may terminate its business relationship with any vendor refusing to sign or comply with SHC's Vendor Business Practice Statement.

FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES AND DIVERSITY. SHC is fully committed to equal employment opportunity and compliance with the letter and spirit of the full range of fair employment practices and nondiscrimination laws, including all wage and hour laws. SHC prohibits any "off the clock" work, and strictly forbids conduct by associates that may encourage the inaccurate recording of time. In addition, we believe that diversity is critical to our success. SHC seeks to hire, develop and retain the most talented individuals from a diverse candidate pool.

HARASSMENT. SHC associates have the right to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation, whether committed by or against a co-worker, supervisor, customer, vendor or visitor. Harassment, whether based on a person's gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, socioeconomic status or marital status, is repugnant and completely inconsistent with SHC's commitment to provide a respectful, professional and dignified workplace. Discrimination in any area of employment, including hiring, advancement, compensation, discipline, and termination, will not be tolerated. SHC also prohibits any associate from making any claim known by that associate to be false.

SAFE AND HEALTHY WORKPLACE. To meet our responsibilities to associates, customers, and investors, SHC must maintain a healthy and productive workplace. Associates must report all safety concerns or accidents no matter how slight the problem. Violence or the threat of violence will not be tolerated, whether committed by or against a co-worker, supervisor, customer, vendor or visitor. Misusing controlled substances or selling, manufacturing, distributing, possessing, using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances on the job is absolutely prohibited.