Tesco Code of Ethics

We treat people how we like to be treated;

We do business in an ethically and socially responsible manner and we reject any business practice which might reasonably be considered to be improper.

We treat all our customers fairly, honestly and with respect at all times.

We support each other and treat other members the Tesco Team with trust and respect. We make sure that the spirit as well as the letter of all of our Policies for our People is followed.

We treat our suppliers with respect; we develop long-term relationships with them and look for ways to develop our businesses together.

We ensure that everyone in Tesco Ireland can shop and work safely.

We respect diversity and reject all forms of unjust discrimination.

We communicate accurately, fairly and honestly.

We maintain high standards of information security and, in particular, keep commercially sensitive and personal information securely.

We do not make any unfair personal gain from our work;

We do not use our position in Tesco Ireland for our own gain or the gain of any person related to us.

We refuse any gift, hospitality or sponsorship which may affect, or may be seen to affect, the award of business to any supplier, prospective supplier or affect our ability to make an independent judgement in our work.

We do not take part in any business decision where it conflicts, or might be seen to conflict, with our personal interests.

We refuse any bribe or inducement that we may be offered and disclose that such an offer has been made. We never offer or make bribes or other inducements. We follow strictly our Bribery and Corruption Policy.

We follow the rules;

We operate strictly in compliance with all legal requirements that apply to our business.

We are committed to open and fair competition. We do not engage in anti-competitive practices or undermine the operation of the markets we trade in.

We deal openly and fairly with regulators.

We comply with our contractual obligations.

We comply with all of our own internal procedures and we support others in doing the same.

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