CSR Training training

V-Trust has set up specific Audit Training courses that help train your factory in the standards and regulations for ETI, SA8000, EICC, WRAP, BSCI or other international standards. We have qualified audit trainers with years of experience in the implementation and training of a wide variety of important social standards.

There are hundreds of different points that need to be checked including the below general areas, each with many sub-fields to check.

1. Working Hours
2. Wages and Compensation
3. Underage Labor
4. Forced Labor
5. Prison Labor
6. Disciplinary Practices
7. Discrimination
8. Working Environment
9. Freedom of Association
10. Environmental Impact
11. Health and First Aid
12. Fire Safety
13. Equipment Operation Safety
14. Building Conditions
15. Electrical Wiring
16. Living Conditions

To perform this training our Auditor must have an in depth understanding of many standards and hundreds of pages of regulations. He also has to have the ability to clearly teach and train a large number of people in the carrying out of those standards on a daily basis. With our Auditors vast experience they have had great success in the implementation of our courses and training of factories all around China.