This is the third issue of SA8000, an auditable standard for a third-party verification system, setting out the voluntary requirements to be met by employers in the workplace, including workers’ rights, workplace conditions, and management systems. The normative elements of this standard are based on national law, international human rights norms and the conventions of the ILO. The SA8000 standard can be used along with the SA8000 Guidance Document to assess the compliance of a workplace with these standards.

The SA8000 Guidance Document helps to explain SA8000 and how to implement its requirements; provides examples of methods for verifying compliance; and serves as a handbook for auditors and for companies seeking certification of compliance with SA8000. The Guidance Document can be obtained from SAI upon request for a small fee.

SA8000 is revised periodically as conditions change, and to incorporate corrections and improvements received from interested parties. Many interested parties have contributed to this version. It is hoped that both the standard and its Guidance Document will continue to improve, with the help of a wide variety of people and organizations. SAI welcomes your suggestions as well. To comment on SA8000, the associated SA8000 Guidance Document, or the framework for certification, please send written remarks to SAI at the address indicated below.

SAI Social Accountability International

Download the complete standard here.