Agents, Vendors & Trading Companies

Agents, vendors and trading companies often find it very challenging to meet their customer’s COC requirements, while still shipping products on-time at reasonable prices. V-Trust has had great success implementing detailed training courses that can help the factories they work with meet their retailer’s requirements.

Retailer’s supply chain partners play an essential role in improving factories compliance. In many cases the retailer has little contact with the factory directly, so they rely on their vendors, agents or trading company to make sure that the factories meet their COC standards. V-Trust offers sound technical advice as well as reliable training to make sure compliance standards are met.

Our goal is not only to work with the factory directly, but to work with agents, trading companies and vendors informing them of reasonable expectations for what the factory will or will not be able to accomplish. There should be both short term and long term goals that the factory is able to reach. This is why standards like ICTI have different levels, pushing the factory to continue to improve while not setting impossible goals.