Why Audit Training is important:

Disney, Wal-Mart, Target, 3M, Nike, Adidas and many other major companies require that your factories pass an SA8000 audit before they can start working with them. If your factory does not pass you could be facing loss of business, fines or high cost from finding a new factory that can comply.

There are three basic groups that will need this service:
1. Suppliers of brand name retailers, who are just beginning to work with a new factory.
2. Companies that have been working with a factory for a long period of time, but they are just beginning to sell to a name brand company who requires such audits.
3. Companies who want to hold their factories to higher standards and require their factories to implement SA8000, BSCI, ETI, EICC, WRAP or some other important standard/regulation.

At V-Trust we understand the pressure you receive from customers you supply. There is not only the daily pressures of shipments being sent on time, not shipping defective products and maintaining a margin that can keep your company going, but you also have to face the “compliance” issues. We are experts at teaching your factory how to comply with international regulations or brand specific standards.