Why V-Trust is your answer:

We at V-Trust have created detailed Audit Training courses to suit your specific compliance needs. V-Trust will give your factory all of the information and onsite guidance necessary to pass these important audits while greatly improving their entire system.

Some reasons you should use V-Trust:

V-Trust’s training staff has many years of experience in COC training for major companies and CSR training including: SA8000, BSCI, ICTI EICC, ETI, WRAP and others.

We are committed to helping the factory pass audits without using underhanded methods including falsifying documents or multiple books and records.

Up to this point we have a 100% success rate and are confident that we can help any company reach your standards.

We have considerable experience in communication with factories and can help you share your standards clearly and thoughtfully.

Our CSR training program is tried and proven to provide great results.

We will update you on a regular basis about the factories progress and keep in close contact with the factory to see if they are making necessary changes.

We do not want to only upgrade the factory, but we believe that these improvements can also improve the quality of your goods, worker contentment and even their long term financial outlook.

We believe in maintaining your reputation in actuality, not just on paper, by holding the factory to the international standards that are set. With clear communication, hard work and good cooperation we have had good success helping factories pass audits because they deserve to pass.

We want our training program to be something that our clients and the factory can look back on with satisfaction knowing that they have accomplished their goals. Building a long term beneficial cooperation for all parties involved.