What Is Your Goal:

It is every supplier’s desire for their factories to pass important audits, but many are not concerned with the methods used to pass. We want to bring you a long term solution that will improve your brand’s image. Before we begin the training process it is helpful for us, and for yourself to understand your goals for the audit training.

Do you simply want the factory to pass an initial audit by the retailer you are supplying?

Do you desire to improve the quality of the factory so that the goods you receive will be better quality?

Are you looking for a long term supplier you can rely on or a short term resolution to your current problem?

Would you like to improve the working environment and social standards for the factory?

We are confident that we can help you accomplish goals in a professional and timely manner. Our trained instructors work hand-in-hand with the factory to set up an SA8000 system and insure that their staff is trained to follow that system in their everyday working environment.

Am I willing to put forth the time, patience and money necessary to make this work?

Most factories unless they are already very close will not be able to comply overnight. Some factories will have to overhaul their entire system and they will have to be willing to teach their whole staff how to follow that system while performing their everyday responsibilities. Don’t expect immediate perfection. But with good training, hard work and healthy cooperation we believe any factory has the ability to live up to your expectations.

What can I do to help my factory improve?

First of all you cannot reward bad behavior. If they see that you accept defective products and pay for them anyway they will keep sending them. In the same way if they see that you will work with them no matter what the state of their factory, they will not bother changing anything.

You need to know how to manage your factory. You may do that by penalizing them, temporarily stopping orders, requiring them to pay for training or being a friend and working with them yourself to correct the problems. But building a solid long lasting relationship with your factory can drastically affect how well they cooperate.